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My name is Adeline and my grandma taught me to knit when I was 6. I stopped knitting for a while (just to get through high school and university), and then came back to it. Not all of us are lucky enough to have a granny knitting around, and we are often lost when it comes to starting a new hobby. So I'm here to give you tricks to get started, to teach you how to knit, and above all to do all this in a joyful and good mood!

In here you will find: 

Knitting workshops
to knit sweaters and get through winter weather with panache!

You have a project in mind but you can't knit or you're afraid to take the plunge! No problem, in a few hours you will have the keys to get started and finalize your knitted scarf, sweater or plaid in time for Christmas!

French yarn!
What's better to knit your future wardrobe?

Promoting French sheep, French spinning mills and all our producers and dyers because we have everything we need in our country to make soft, warm and colorful sweaters!

Tips & Tricks
making life at home more creative!

Whether it's disposing of your leftover wool or fabric in small, useful projects at home, or finding a small project to put your knitting skills to the test!

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